Beware of unscrupulous annuity salesmen who pose as “Living Trust Consultants” who use the Trust as a hook to sell you annuities or other financial products. Once DEFRA is in place, I anticipate a plethora of notices regarding annuities to shelter assets and that scams will abound in this area once this law is implemented. I was personally on a mailing list for “Security Financial” of Orange County. I completed their post card and mailed it back. Shortly, I was contacted by a friendly voice wishing to visit me to explain a Living Trust. He was not an attorney but a salesman of sorts. I visited the one-page website which only stated that the company advised on Living Trusts although no attorney was listed on the web-site. If any of you are contacted by mail, email, fax or otherwise regarding sales of Trusts, annuities, etc. please forward them to my office so that we can screen them and report any to the proper authorities for practicing law without a license or unlawful solicitation.