IRA Trusts

IRA Trusts

IRA Trusts

Jack E. Stephens is a published author on IRA planning. His book, Avoiding the Tax Traps In Your IRA, was endorsed by Kiplinger’s Retirement Reports in which he has contributed legal articles on A-B and IRA Trusts.

The Problem: Non-spouse beneficiaries of retirement plans, including Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs have wasted these funds through taxes and early withdrawal throughout the years.

Now, the U.S. Supreme Court in Clark v. Rameker has ruled that Inherited IRAs are no longer creditor protected if received by non-spouse beneficiaries, i.e. children.

Our unique IRA Trust which I have drafted for over 25 years offer you and your family the following benefits:

1. Allows IRA funds protection for your children and other IRA Trust beneficiaries from creditors, lawsuits and divorce proceedings;

2. Ensures that the IRA funds are stretched out over the life expectancies of the beneficiaries, which reduces taxes;

3. Allows the Trustee to withdraw additional IRA funds for home purchases, education or other worthwhile needs of a beneficiary; and

4. Provides contentment to the IRA owner in the knowing that all of his/her work in building a retirement fund won’t be wasted by young and/or financially unsophisticated beneficiaries.

Our IRA Trusts legal services provide the best solutions and benefits for you and your family. Call our IRA Trusts attorney today 858-792-0909!

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