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Why Estate Planning With A Living Trust Is Critical For Minor Children
March 31, 2015

Talk about a costly minefield for young adults- failing to utilize a Living Trust in California. It happens quite frequently because…

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Pet Trusts in California
February 20, 2015

I. Authority for Pet Trusts in California – Probate Code Section 15212 The Code Provision authorizes the following: Funds to benefit…

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Intentional Infliction of Emotion Distress by Trustee
January 23, 2015

Attention all of you Trustees of Living Trusts and children beneficiaries of the Trust- This case is a wake-up call. You…

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IRAs Now A Creditor Target
September 15, 2014

In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court case of Clark v. Rameker, creditors will begin to zero in on Inherited…

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Retirement Form Trumps Will or Trust
August 5, 2014

If you like gambling with cards, don’t carry that over to your designated IRA or Retirement fund beneficiaries. We all know…

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Living Trust Administration on the Death of a Trustor Part 1
May 12, 2014

The following was written by Attorney Jack E. Stephens, for the professional manual, Rules of Trust Administration in California, regarding the admistration…

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Estate Planning with Durable Powers of Attorney
October 3, 2013

Many clients are confused regarding the use of Durable Powers of Attorney in their Estate Plan. In California we have two…

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Estate Planning with the Home and Other Real Property
September 19, 2013

Okay, put down the remote and give me 5 minutes. We need to talk about Estate Planning with your home and…

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What To Do Before And After The Death Of A Spouse Or Parent
April 26, 2013

A Step By Step Approach Part I When it comes to taking care of estate planning business, most clients are paralyzed…

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