Elder Law

Jack E. Stephens was the first attorney in San Diego to gain recognition as a member and program speaker in the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

The Problem: As individuals grow older, their decision-making capabilities are reduced. As a result, they can become vulnerable to financial elder abuse by scam artists and even some family members.

Our elder law legal services provide a benefit for you and your family by:

1. Providing safeguards to abuse in the Family/Living Trust and Powers of Attorney, which includes Accounting requirements to 3rd parties by the Successor Trustee or appointed financial agent;

2. Protecting the Home from Medi-Cal claims and liens and preserves its transfer to the children without encumbrance;

3. Providing Trust Protector provisions in the Family/Living Trust to ensure the intentions of the elder are followed and avoid dissension among siblings;

4. Providing Co-Trustee arrangement and requiring two (2) signatures to protect against significant financial withdrawals from accounts;

5. Clarifying the decision-making between the financial and healthcare agents so as to avoid conflict between the two; and

6. Allowing the elder to make their own healthcare decisions while competent to alleviate that burden from the other spouse or children.


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